***ATTENTION!!  As of Spring 2015, there is not enough interest in the organic produce box program to continue through winter, so there are no links to order from this page. TO SHOP from our farmstand goods go to  and click on ‘SHOP’ to support our community initiative for youth in gardening. ***

The box program is a ‘hybrid’ CSA program sourced by a variety of organic farmers nationwide and supplied by Goodness Greeness certified organic wholesaler to deliver monthly boxes that include organic fruits as well as veggies including items that may not be in season in our region.

BITTY BOX -Combo (5 lbs fruits and veggies)     $20  

BITTY BOX -Fruit  (5 lbs fruits ONLY)     $20 

BITTY BOX -Veggie  (5 lbs  veggies ONLY)     $20 

The BOX-  Combo (10lbs. fruits & veggies)     $35   

The BOX-  Fruit Only (10lbs fruits ONLY.)     $35               

The BOX-  Veggie Only (10lbs. veggies ONLY)    $35            

The BIG Box- Combo   (20lbs fruits & veggies)  $50    

The BIG Box- Fruits Only  (20lbs fruits ONLY)  $50     


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