Grateful Plains is a ‘for profit’ company. The most direct way you can support our effort to sustain agricultural development in our heartland is through making purchases at our 1st Friday market stand in Grand Ridge. Additionally, you can purchase a Gift Card for someone you know (or to feed the hungry), help purchase seeds for the classrooms.

There are also many additional ways to contribute!

DONATE time. There is always room for a helping hand in our daily activities. And not just hard labor on the farm! You might rather write up a review on your favorite vegetable, layout a recipe card to share in an upcoming farm cookbook, make phone calls to introduce our business to the area, work on grant research and fact gathering or simply share a cup of coffee as we brainstorm what’s next! YOU are Grateful Plains. Your participation is our fuel.  Volunteer Opportunities apply your skills and time in exchange for our seasonal farm offerings such as asparagus, rhubarb, fresh peonies, veggies, herbs, cut flowers and fall pumpkins.

DONATE cash. Financial support is especially needed since many grants, loans and stipends require three years of financials in order to apply. Cash donations allow us to buy specific equipment and products required where we cannot make compromise by accepting ‘similar’ in-kind donations. Currently, your cash donation will go toward establishing an after school program facility for Grand Ridge Grade School students with a specific program supporting high school students interested in learning trades within small farm business.

Please send a check made out to Grateful Plains to 190 W. Main Street, PO BOX 283, Grand Ridge, IL, 61325. (Be sure to include PO BOX on envelope–it is required for proper delivery of our mail in Grand Ridge)

DONATE in-kind items. We are currently seeking the following in-kind donations:

  • Corrugated cardboard / newspaper
  • Pesticide free/ chemical free lawn clippings
  • fallen leaves from untreated / disease free trees
  • medium storage shed
  • sturdy wheeled garden cart
  • commercial grade two bin stainless steel sink
  • sturdy work tables / benches
  • enclosed trailer in good condition
  • crates / bins / tubs for harvest and storage
  • black tarp
  • fencing / stakes
  • rock garden stones / trinkets for butterfly garden
  • Portland cement
  • Peat moss

Please arrange pickup/drop off by calling me directly at 815/249-5134

DONATE enthusiasm.

Your positive reviews by sharing our effort is how we best get the word out! Write a review if you are a customer by visiting our LOCAL HARVEST listing and sharing your personal experience.

Like us on FACEBOOK! Share your photos, reviews, requests with others connecting with us through social media

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