Grateful Plains Co-op

Thank you for supporting this local farm effort!  Our farm is not a traditional Cooperative, but operates a CSA that is based on members paying in advance with their money, passion, and sweat equity to deliver educational programs that enhance our community along with incredible naturally raised non-GMO produce and Kids Eco Camp.

I recognize your passion for organic food goes way beyond what you put on the table. Unfortunately, in our region, the organic movement has yet to create a foothold and I see it as my personal mission to apply my health challenge/gardening experience, passion and connection with experts in the field of organic living to get our community up-to-date in the urgency of preventative health through not only organic foods, but also through compassionate living, conscious environmental choices, youth leadership and community awareness.

Your Desire for affordable organic food PLUS My commitment to make a living teaching others how to live a healthy lifestyle creates a win-win scenario of supply and demand for local, organically grown produce and beneficial educational events to inspire shift in our community toward whole living.

How can you help us work in cooperation?


By making a purchase of one of the many products and services we coordinate through the farm. Examples are prepaying for kids to attend youth Eco Camp, purchasing garden therapy sessions for Veterans and their families or sponsoring a public awareness campaign on the importance of consuming organic food for long-term health. There are in-kind and volunteer donation requests as well. Please visit our DONATIONS wish list page to see what you can contribute at this time

Sponsoring our educational programming is essential to continue our public outreach to encourage transitioning to an organic lifestyle.

Suggested CO-OP Participation:

  • Make a farmstand purchase from Dirt and Duty Community Market Garden SHOP NOW
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Shares ENROLL NOW
  • Non-GMO Seedlings & Direct Sow Seed Packets
  • Playshop Passes
  • Farm Tours
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Eco Camp for Kids

TO BECOME A CSA MEMBER, enroll by December 31, 2015 for the 2016 growing season (May/June-September/October). Space is limited, so apply early! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


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