About Us

Grateful Plains is a small produce farm smack dab in the middle of the corn and soybean belt, just 90 miles SW of Chicago in Grand Ridge IL near Starved Rock State Park.

Five years ago, I was known as the crazy broad who enrolled my family into my mission to create access to non-GMO, chemical free produce at a fair price in the Illinois Valley. Unlike many of my neighbor farmers, men and women alike, I did take up farming because I grew up farming side by side with mom or dad. Instead, I pursue farming as a commitment to healing my body naturally since experiencing the symptoms of Young Onset PD nearly a decade ago.

What began as a personal health crisis has evolved into a deep passion with more benefits than I ever imagined. Today, my husband and I commit to growing with each other and being in love with this land, the plot where I grew up. As we explore commercial growing and incorporate our hobby art and farming, Grateful Plains evolves into all that I imagined.

More than just farming your CSA produce, we are committed to connecting you with like-minded people dedicated to clean living, health, and love! Education, Garden Therapy, Sustainable Farm Research, and organizing a Junior Masters Gardeners club are just a few of our by-products at Grateful Plains.

I hope you’ll pull up to our fields one day and enroll us in taking a break to share some coffee with cream & honey or stretch out a bit in the orchard in some healing yoga poses.

Thank you for trusting us to grow you food, for being forming this cozy, healthy community and for being part of the legacy our country is experiencing as agriculture shifts to support small farmers deserving of a profitable living as we rely on each other to feed our families and nurture our land.


How I spend my ‘free’ time::

Dirt and Duty Community Market Garden

EnergyPsi Zen Den (holistic healing studio)

Garden Maiden weekly Times column


2 responses to “About Us

    • Thanks Kevin! Wonderful to have you and Juanita experience our little shop. SO wonderful to know there are so many in our area interested in healthy eating! Our email is info at gratefulplains dot com. Much appreciated~

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