Budding Growth at Grateful Plains

As warm weather sets in and new seeds get sown, I am proud to announce our forming of a new farmer coalition created to bring you local food all year long.

As of February, Grateful Plains has joined several area big farms and small growers who are busy planning our growing efforts to deliver longer seasons, more variety and a true community connection in the Starved Rock region.

First and foremost, thank you to each of you who have blossomed this dream with me. It has been a long, ever transforming path toward what I see possible for a lasting food movement that elevates Illinois to the likes of Madison, Wisconsin and Grand Rapids, Michigan, two Midwest regions flowing with locally grown food, retail storefront cooperatives, and community kitchens. Expect to see similar in our area soon!

In the meantime, continue to eat well, laugh often and share your experience of our farm with all you see.

It matters. You, the person reading this, matter. It is each of you who allow our passion for growing and commitment to living local and thriving as a farmer who make it possible to plow forward into this new territory.


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