Long Live Local!!

Have you noticed that things are shifting a bit in our Illinois River Valley?

As a not-so-green advocate of connecting local businesses, consumers and the public at large to support food safety and security, it is exciting to me on many levels to see a noticeable shift in Starved Rock Country~

This year, I will be hosting a handful of exciting events in a series called Viva La Local. These events will invite each of you to learn, grow and GO LOCAL!!

Of course, we will launch the series with our farm and the growers, producers, suppliers, distributors and donors who have made the past three years possible with a launch event next month. The Local Food Movement, in my opinion, is one of the most urgent crises in our nation.

What is true? What do labels mean? Are we even really eating food when we shop in the supermarket? What would we do if we walked into the grocery store one day and the shelves were empty? How much are you really paying for the food you buy commercially? Who benefits from your investment in their company? How are they contributing to society when they cha-chink your hard earned dollars into their bottom line? Do you even care?

All of the topics are questions I consider often while I am out educating about preventative health and whole body wellness. Beyond nutrition and toxins, well-being, feel good, and community enrichment are aspects of value that are often overlooked in general discussions but very much come into play in consumer decision making.

I have a few events already confirmed, but if you have an idea or would like to contribute your expertise, personal story or pressing questions to be incorporated into Viva La Local, please let me know via email by sending your ideas to info at gratefulplains.com for consideration.

In the meantime, SAVE THE DATE!!


FEB 28th—National CSA Sign Up Day— $20 brunch/gathering at The Lone Buffalo, OTTAWA IL details coming soon! (proceeds benefit Junior Master Gardeners club)  Plan to attend to learn about our farm, meet our partners in grime and hear Holly discuss the risks and benefits small farmers encounter as our shift to small farms reaches Starved Rock country~  as well as taste the incredible brunch menu for our newest downtown restaurant The Lone Buffalo inside of Tangled Roots Brewing Company.


AUG 19, 20, 21 — 125th Year Village of Grand Ridge Community Festival —Viva La Local Farm to Table Faire in downtown Grand Ridge


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