Garlic galore!

When we bought $600 of garlic last fall, we had no idea how much, how long or how favorable it would be as a CSA item. I just loved garlic and I wanted to try many different kinds.

Between June and August, Joel and I along with our home schoolers, Ben, Theo and Nate plus a little help from my niece and nephew Mazzy and Bronko and our ever helping farm mentor, Tracy, dug up 13 beds of garlic.

Many of them were small producers, likely effected by too many sunflower roots nearby, but as most of you experienced, we had A LOT OF GARLIC in our shares!

We’ve planted a lot of garlic this year, but not likely as much as we harvested this past season since it is actually a manpower hog when it comes to harvesting. We will certainly have it on our shares regularly, but please consider the two or three bulbs a week for ten weeks as a godsend this year, as our lesson learned is that garlic is a lot of hard work.

For the past seven weeks, I have planted plenty of beautiful cloves, have most of it mulched with straw and Bronko even noticed a few rows are actually popping up already! We just buried them a bit deeper and pray they’ll be fine over the winter and pop up again in spring.

We’ll see!



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