Happy New Year! Spread our Cheer!

Yes, that’s right.

On the farm, our new year is November 1st. Typically, the farm begins its winter slumber and energy of earth and sky lower all vibrations so that energy is stored beneath shelter; bark, seed shells, the top layers of soil all provide harbor for the land to rejuvenate.

As December approaches, I am busy reviewing our yields, tending to compost for enriching the fields and still picking plenty of spinach in our last field from fall planting.

I am grateful to each of you who continue to support the farm in so many ways. Your enthusiasm, manpower and kind sharing of what we have going on out here is why we can commit to a third season delivering Community Supported Agriculture!


It is certainly my New Year and I am reflecting on the incredible shift in just a few seasons of connecting people, creating a connection with the land and designing a career that I love each and every day I wake up.

If you’d like to share the concept, please visit a recent NEWS RELEASE  so that it is an easy share.


Locally, FACEBOOK is a great place

Nationally, people new to the area count on LOCAL HARVEST to review farms and their offerings. We have only had two reviews, yet we’ve served almost 50 families in the past two seasons, so please take a moment to voice your review on our page if you haven’t already.

And, if you are interested in a little video clip for my you tube channel, I would love to interview people on their experience so that we have some real live faces matching up with the experience of eating local food and getting healthy! Reach out to me anytime. Cooking videos, personal health improvement testimonials and all stories relating to love of the land are encouraged regularly.


Happy New Year! What are you creating this season?


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