2016 Crop Plan underway

For those of you who have been with us a few years, you realize most of our real work happens in the off season.

For several weeks, we have been scoping out the fields, composting, re-arranging, deciding what areas will rest and reviewing what did well where in order to design our crop plan for the coming season.

A few lessons learned::

  • Thank you heavy spring rains for teaching us that we get to have some ground built up in our north plot to prevent soil erosion. We won’t be losing our seedlings to root exposure in 2016!!
  • Diversity worked!  along the way of planning in 2015, several close to me hesitated at my plan for more that 50 varieties of veggies and herbs for our CSA members. However, the feedback from our members was much joy and curiosity as we discovered some new food and gave you small amounts of a lot of things. It is more work, but to me, it is what a CSA is all about. More than peas and carrots.
  • Our shares are incredible! Of 27 families, we had only a single person feel that the value was not there in regards to the share size and item selection. This is great feedback since we are only in our second year of figuring out the details. Special thanks to so many of you who traded tomatoes in the weeks where our early crops were drowned by the standing water after the spring flood. I am hearing many farms shut down after this season, so I feel blessed to be clear that we can make it through anything!


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