Year End Potluck & Bonfire

On Friday, October 30th, I will gladly host each and every one of you for an outdoor potluck around the bonfire beginning at 7pm following our 3-day Fall Cleanup to celebrate another incredible season growing fresh produce on our farm and connecting community with home schooling, Eco Camp and garden therapy.

Please think finger food!! We will have roasted brussels sprouts to pop like popcorn and some sort of veggie lasagna that can be pickup up in chunks nd devoured in tidbits throughout the night.

Please bring drinks for your family (we will provide herbal iced tea/ water) , chairs if you prefer them over logs or lawn to sit in and utensils if you want to use any. Basically, plan as if you are going out for a picnic!!

We will put on a roaster of brussels sprouts in the afternoon and likely chop up some salad as we are clearing the fields!

Hope you make a point to join us!


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