Fall Volunteer Cleanup Days

Greetings all!

For those of you visiting the farm weekly, you already realize the importance of having extra help for certain tasks.

While much of what we do all season is managed with only a few hands on deck, fall cleanup is a time of moving equipment for storage, spreading compost/straw over large areas, cleaning tools, and planting bulbs and garlic in bulk for next season’s abundance.

This year, we would like to have our farm ready to rock and roll for winter by November 1st.

In order to make that goal, you are invited to attend any/all of the volunteer dates so that we can make light the workload while connecting, learning and growing with each other~

WEDNESDAY, OCT 28th  10am to 3pm  and 4pm to 7pm

THURSDAY, OCT 29th  10am to 2pm  and 3pm to 7pm

FRIDAY OCT 29th 10am to 2pm  and 3pm to 7pm, followed by a bonfire/potluck

Please join us!punkin

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