Pink streaked Potatoes!

Checking on a hill of our gorgeous heirloom potatoes debuting in our crop plan for 2015, I was excited to offer 2lbs of potatoes for our Full Share CSA members last week. Since they came as a surprise during Wednesday’s field check, I didn’t get a chance to mention how amazing they are!

Adironak Red is a variety we discovered from Vermont Valley Potato Seed suppliers in Wisconsin while we were at the MOSES conference this past winter. It is a certified organic potato ideal for colder climates researched and bred by Cornell University.  Adironak Red has bright red skin and streaked to solid cranberry red flesh. We chose it because of it aggressive growth habit and impressive reported yield. It’s color will lighten when cooked and is considered best for boiled or roasted potato dishes.

You can expect plenty of potatoes in your shares the next couple of weeks, as we planted 4 different areas with Magic Molly purple potatoes, Kennebec white baker potatoes, Red Norland boilers and these Adironak Reds. Hopefully when we dig em up we’ll discover a plentiful crop and have each and every kind on our CSA shares for the next few weeks!

Please share your experience of taste, cooking, recipes and discovery by sending a snapshot and a comment to me on our Grateful Plains Facebook page!potatoes

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