Fancy Fish Peppers

Each season, I try a new variety or two in the crop plan to add diversity, beauty or longevity to our CSA shares.

In the case of Fish Peppers, we’ve also added heat!!

These variegated plants were a choice to expand my experience with edible landscaping, as their bushy growth adds quite an eye catcher to simple front yard landscaping.

As for their heat? Well, on the pepper heat scale, this mix between a serrano and a cayenne pepper easily passes the heat of a jalapeno twelve times over. Yeah. 12 times. So imagine by surprise when I nibbled on it to see which pepper was growing randomly in my row of sweet carnival peppers!

If you love the heat, you’ll love these fish peppers in your CSA shares beginning in August! Be sure to let us know if this is a keeper for 2016 season!

Here’s a link to some fun history on the plant

And a bit from Mother Earth news on growing it and how to use it in cooking

Grateful Plains CSA Fish Peppers

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