Calling Culinary Volunteers!!

I am looking for a handful of our CSA members, neighbors or friends to prepare some batches of kale chips or pickled garlic in the coming week. These items will be used during Grand Ridge Community Fest to offset the costs endured from the farm this season to prevent the need to raise share prices for 2016 to make up for this season.

How can you Help?

  • Prepare and package Kale or Beet Chips or ¬†pickled garlic for sale (kale, garlic provided)
  • Donate cookies, brownies, granola in small packages for sale
  • Make spudnuts with maple frosting and bacon bits for sale (yes, this is my personal request!!)
  • Volunteer to work a booth and share your experience of the CSA
  • Make ice tea from our lemon balm and mint and provide jug/cooler for the weekend
  • Donate item for raffle and/or man the raffle table

Our goal is to raise the full $8700 estimated loss of the flood over the course of the weekend. We are also hoping for one large ticket item to auction off. If you own a business or know someone who can donate a valuable item such as a backyard composter, garden equipment, lawn mower, appliances for our cause, please have them contact me directly at 312-810-7673

Please contact me if you can help, as I need to be clear that items you will prepare can qualify under cottage law to prepare at home and then sell at our booth for our ‘farmer’s market’.kalechicps

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