WEEK SIX “What’s in the Bag??”

As many of you have experienced first-hand, we are busy assessing flood and storm damage out here at Grateful Plains.

I must say, even though we are suffering quite a bit short term, it paid to be ahead of the game in March when I was busy planting cabbage seedlings, six kinds of lettuce and three relay plantings of spinach.

As it turns out, we simply shifted the gears of what is typical for a CSA share. Usually, the first four or five weeks are sparse offering only a few spring delights like fresh greens and herbs with cabbage and lettuce not coming in until the end of June.

What Grateful Plains CSA members experienced this season was full grown lettuce, a variety of greens, and already getting beets and cabbage in week three of our 2015 CSA.

So, please, be patient over the next few weeks. The water puddled in our pea patch for a week straight rotted all the vines to the roots and so there will be no spring peas. We are hopeful to shift this crop to fall shares if we can adjust space in the plan for a row or two to plant in August. While there is no standing water in our strategically arranged carrot beds, the slugs or moisture without sun has rotted our first and second plantings of carrots to the core. Jury is still out on our watermelon and cantelope, but the specialty zucchini that was planned for picking this week is literally rotting on the vine from being waterlogged.

So we are shifting gears and perspective a bit this week. In your bags, you’ll get a couple of cool specialty items along with some baby root crops. In order to make it through the grief of losing other crops, I am simply imagining this is week one of the year where we scan the fields and get excited about anything at all that is even slightly edible to create even the smallest salad to share fresh food.

So that is what I am asking of you. Be grateful for our extremely abundant shares of Weeks One through Four and spend some time this week getting creative in the kitchen with scapes and radish blooms!


Individual Share:

Ruby Red Chard

Wonder Top Beet Greens


Lacinato Kale

Baby Beets

Garlic Scapes




Baby Carrots


Oasis Salad Turnip


Westlander Kale

Broccoli Florets


Radish Blossoms

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