Specialty items in a CSA

One benefit that many locals rate as their top reason for joining a Community Supported Agriculture program is discovery.

Discovering vegetables and blooms they might never find in a produce aisle, especially in our area where shopping fresh for quality ingredients happens in one or two stores in a 30 mile radius.

So as a CSA farmer, I get pretty excited to share the crops I choose for our CSA shares. Napa Cabbage, eggplant, daikon, purslane, gold beets and so many more that you just won’t find when shopping for groceries.

And if you happen to be blessed by living in a location where there is a daily market full of fresh goodness readily available, you still might not find garlic scapes, radish blossoms or fava blooms for sale. These are tender items that require a lot of manual labor to harvest and perfect timing to pick when they are delectable

Even on a CSA farm, we might not have justified the time required to harvest them for shares if other crops were coming in on time. So if you are like me and become giddy with excitement to try new things, you can thank the flood waters for this delightful gem in WEEK SIX of the Grateful Plains CSA Share.

Use edible radish blossoms anywhere you want to offer a mild peppery note with a sweet finish. Asian cuisine, fresh salads and garnishing bland dips are typical uses. Blossoms add flavor while decorating dishes with an excellent alternative to the crunchy root crop. Add radish blossoms to compound butter or blend into soft cheese spreads. The peppery blossoms compliment chive, chervil, cilantro, mint, thyme, fennel, parsley, butter, cream, cream cheese, shellfish (especially crab) and lemon.

I hope we will get some photos and videos of how you choose to enjoy a bite of blossoms this week!

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