Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Almost 7″ of rain in three days with more on the way.

Crops are looking waterlogged and weeds are getting ahead of us. Soil is eroding in two of our new fields and we will likely lose a planting of carrots, though we are begging the field of peppers to hang on. Hopefully the tomatoes won’t mind, but newly planted seeds will all have rotted and need new planting of beds right away.

Only half of our incubator patch of asparagus (for next season) was under water for a single day and newly planted melons and cantelope probably won’t mind their day long soak, either.

However, for this week, shares look a little sparse with lettuce beds being drowned out and radishes going to seed.

This rain is a great example of the risks you take as a CSA member. Right now, we are busy navigating recourse for our expected crops that are more than two weeks behind with this odd season of weather.

The good news for you is that our family is counting on the heavens as much as we count on the earth. We are praying for ease through the challenge of replanting, for helping hands on the few sunny days we have coming up and for an incredible fall harvest as we now have a bit more time to prepare for July plantings of kohlrabi, broccoli, cauliflower and choy.

The not so good news is that shares might feel sparse the next couple of weeks. We won’t know what is on the menu until we are actually out in the field to see what is still edible.

But you can trust that we won’t let this water keep us afloat for long. Just yesterday, as we were splashing through the grass between beds of floating pea plants and slumping onion stalks, we used the time and splash of sunshine to work a bed of potatoes on the edge of a bed by spreading wet hay between the towering plants in the pallet potato patch to give the roots plenty of bed to grow in the next few months.

Over the next week or so, we will be planting some quick growers and beginning seeds for our fall crops. Now is the perfect time to get a neighbor or friend involved in the CSA. Help us burst beyond break even this year by sharing your experience of our CSA with just one more person. Call a friend, buy a share for a neighbor, have your boss enroll for a box delivered to the office. YOU CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE so that we get to do this again next year!!


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