OH Choy!

Organic Non-GMO Shanghai Green Pac Choy is new in your shares this season and did quite remarkably in our spring trial. in fact, its a bit overgrown awaiting our first share delivery, but quite tasty all the same.

This selection is considered one of the best open pollinated baby pac choy’s available for growers. Dark green, spoon-shaped leaves with wide, light green midribs and mild flavor. Shanghai forms densely packed, vase-like heads.

Choy is a cole crop, or brassica, in the chinese cabbage category, high in vitamins A and C and phytochemicals and remarked as the second out of 41 vegetables ranked as nutrient dense ‘powerhouses’ according to US Center for Disease Control.

aliases: Bok Choy, Pak choy, pac choi


use in cooking: Typically used in Asian dishes, stir fry, baby varieties used whole leaf/stem in soups, I throw the whole thing in the crock pot (quartered), also tasty drenched in coconut oil/rolled in sesame seeds and asian sauce then grilled


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