Grow-A-Row works!

Last fall while I was looking back on our inaugural season, I realized one double edged sword we will face as we get our business out there is growing more food than what is already pre-sold in shares. While I dream of a day of shares being reserved a year ahead of time, as we get the word out, this is just one of the conundrums of building a business.

So while we endure the growing pains as local farmers, Joel and I wanted to do more than just donate our excess produce to the local food bank. We want to honor and celebrate local families in health or financial crisis, giving them hope and tangible health to get through the tough times. We want to personally be involved in the betterment of our community by providing vitality, abundance and comfort while our/your friends, neighbors, co-workers are going through tough times.

Hence, Grow-A-Row became a plan with a mission to get others involved in giving, too. An opportunity for businesses and individuals to sponsor a share that we designate for a particular family.

Last week, we received word of our first donated share to a local family. Nancy Seymour is her name. I’ve met her only twice in my life. Once at the 3 French Hens market when she signed up for a share in our farm, and another day on the farm when she drove over 40 miles to attend a volunteer orientation session.

Nancy is a passionate woman, clear about health and the value of food and supporting local business. She is light-hearted and well spoken and seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to bring health and joy into her life.

Unfortunately, she recently let us know that her own family obligations and personal health issues will keep her from making the weekly trip to pickup her farm shares each week and participate physically as a volunteer.

In honor of her own journey, she is paying forward her reserved share to a local family who has been through cancer.

Karla Bacon, avid cancer awareness advocate and survivor, has been nominated to be our first ever Grow-a-Row recipient through Grateful Plains CSA. I met Karla a few years back when she came into EnergyPsi for some preventative health coaching. She’s overcome breast cancer twice now and continue to raise money for her Avon Walk to End Breast Cancer team, Dresden Pink Warriors by reaching out, sharing her story and walking 39 miles each summer to show her support.

I am so pleased that our first box ever sold was to a Grand Ridge resident. Our first paid in full share for the CSA was a Grand Ridge resident. And in true local food fashion, our first Grow-A-Row recipient is a Grand Ridge family.

We are with you on your journey, Karla! Thanks for your commitment to health and not only fighting to survive, but continuing to fight for the many who are experiencing cancer and cannot find the energy or inspiration amidst the whirl of such devastation.

You inspire me!!

Karla Bacon, right, is a Grand Ridge resident and a cancer survivor who is the 1st recipient of Grateful Plains CSA Grow-A-Row program.

Karla Bacon, right, is a Grand Ridge resident and a cancer survivor who is the 1st recipient of Grateful Plains CSA Grow-A-Row program.

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