Raise your Hand!!

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If you’d like to see us fill the gap of becoming a local organic food store!

I believe there are so many unknowns as we watch local businesses close their doors, that I almost do not know where to begin as I flirt with the concept of expanding to a full-time retail store. Especially as I navigate how to enroll my family that this would be an excellent investment of our time/money/effort/skills/passion/empowerment.

SO! How do you fit into this consideration? By directly sharing your input.

Here are a few ways to VOTE !

Vote with your voice. I have designed a very basic poll to let us know a bit of information about how you shop for organic produce. The poll is anonymous and simply gathers information regarding what you value as a shopper. By contributing your valued opinion, you help us weigh some key factors in the viability of determining Demand for a Local Organics Store (click this link to participate).

Vote with your wallet. I believe there are quite a few of you who value so much of what we already offer at Grateful Plains. I know for sure there are plenty of you who cut no corners when it comes to preventative health and managing symptoms of ailments and imbalance in the body. So we are asking you to invest in Grateful Plains by making a few purchases in advance. It is a straightforward way to provide working capital required to secure a building loan while showing us we have a community committed to our growth and development. As more opportunities arise, we will post them here, so check back often.

Here are the current opportunities to support our expansion financially:

PREPAY FOR PRODUCE BOX PROGRAMthis is like the safe play in the stock market with a very affordable buy-in. We are extending you a discounted price for the Box Program based on the nominal markup allowed for the going rate of organic produce. We have an established relationship with our supplier and they will deliver to us any Friday we have at least 30 box orders. It is a safe bet we will get at least 50 people to participate in the 2015 Produce Box Launch and as long as 30 people place an order weekly, boxes will be delivered each Friday. If less than 30 people participate, you get your money back March 1, 2015 and we will not provide produce boxes until our doors are open as a retail store. buy now

PRE-PURCHASE UNFI GOODS.this is the established stock with a sizable dividend for a bit larger buy-in. When we open the doors, we will be asked to make a $2000 wholesale purchase each month with UNFI to stock our shelves.  As a family, we agree we must have the first 6 months, or $12,000 available to open the doors. Those of you already participating in the discount buying club know that they offer many specialty items such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan choices as well as staple organic brands available in local grocery stores at the same or cheaper prices.  For your purchase of a $100 Gift Cards, you will receive a $125 credit to use within 12 months of the doors opening. buy now

DOUBLE OR NOTHING.this is the aggressive stock whose track record is less than proven but exceptional under its evolving conditions. This is an offering to those of you who believe that a vision fueled with passion, clarity and community support cannot fail. This is for the dreamers lurking in the shadows of naysaying who want to actually BE a game-changer in our community. This is for those of you who value shopping organically anyway and are tired of traveling miles and miles for exactly what you want. You pre-purchase a $1200 gift card upfront so we can invest the cash in opening the doors. We give you a $100 credit for the first 12 months we are open for business. At month 13, we double your dollars and give you another $1200 to spend at Grateful Plains. buy now

Wow!! this is cool to write and post.

Dreams do come true when surrounded by enthusiasm, clarity and purpose!

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