First Annual Amaranth Social

It is with great excitement that I announce to you our First Annual Amaranth Social which is simply a fun name for an annual Farm Dinner/Potluck to celebrate our supporters and educate about our local food movement in the River Valley.

Annual Amaranth Social

Details are evolving and I am very interested in forming a committee to organize speakers, demonstrations, marketing and promoting the event that will be held August 14th-16th in Grand Ridge in conjunction with Grand Ridge Community Festival.

There will be one main stage behind our shop, one demonstration tent and one classroom in our shop. Obviously, there will be costs associated with producing the event, so if you have a business or service that would like to purchase stage time, hang a banner or hand out brochures, there will be plenty of opportunity to support underwriting the event. Our goal is to have everyone sign up by May to participate and then simply divide the hard costs by the number of participants.

All of this is in the planning stage, so email me if you would like to get involved directly with planning and promoting the weekend!


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