2015 Box Program Launch

Well, here we go again!! Another shift in approach to our mission as we hear of Main Street Organics closing shop in Ottawa as of January 31st. In reply to many of you asking direct, we are giving the Box Program another go!

Unlike businesses working to lure in new customers, we are on a mission to reward our existing supporters! Because our model is to work as a cooperative, there are plenty of places where we want to extend our wholesale or club prices to our patrons during 2015.

NOW until the end of February!! YOU may cash in on up to $7 OFF each box you order when you pay in advance for 5 boxes!! If  you have spent even one penny with us since we began delivering organic produce in 2013, then you qualify for the discount program. It’s that simple! Purchase 5 boxes in advance and redeem your boxes anytime during 2015. There are no restrictions on redeeming the boxes. You can order all 5 boxes one week, or once a month , or even purchase for a friend who has been wanting to try the Box Program but just hasn’t quite yet committed! However, availability of boxes will be determined on demand, which is exactly why we are making this offer!

THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO PROVE DEMAND FOR ORGANICS IN OUR AREA. Whether you take advantage of this offer or not gives us a very real indication of the actual demand and personal commitment for what it takes to deliver a consistent box program to Ottawa/Streator/Marseilles/Grand Ridge areas. Prepaying for your boxes secures our account with our supplier, since we have many more restrictions than a high volume grocery store. By increasing our outreach, we also hope to negotiate lower box prices in the coming months. But perhaps most importantly, we want to know if you really support us expanding to a retail store with regular hours and a store stocked with organic goodness. This is just one way to VOTE YES! (lots more in this post)

How soon do you want to order a box?  Next week? Next month? Fruit boxes over the summer? You decide. If just 50 of you participate today, boxes can be here next Friday. We truly believe you’d enjoy at least a bi-weekly delivery for the coming months!!

To participate, simply purchase through the shopping cart for the gift card (link for sales item will only be live until 11:59 pm Saturday FEBRUARY 28th) or fill out the form below and mail us your pre-payment.

QUICK!! Help us create 100 sales this week! Let’s build the momentum and prove the demand to place a box order for next Friday! 


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