2015 Box Program

We are honored to be approached by so many of you who truly want a place to pick up produce boxes each week all winter long. And now that our like-minded neighbors in Ottawa have closed their doors again, we are willing to give it a shot once more.


So, here is the deal:

#1. We do not have daily retail sales that qualify us to establish credit terms with our supplier. Therefore, we will only accept PREPAID ORDERS with orders paid one week in advance for the coming week’s box. You can choose the size of the box you want the Friday before the next truck delivery and then place a phone order online via our shopping cart for actual box (fruit, veggie or combo) by Wednesday before the truck arrives. If you are committed to feeding your family organics, for the next week you can take advantage of our 2015 Prepay Package.

#2. We will still offer FREE DELIVERY!!

#3. We MUST meet a 30 box minimum each week

#4. We do not have a full-time employee to email, text, beg, and beckon to drum up orders. If we wanted to pay a person each week to publish the menu, update the shopping cart, update and send out the newsletter, write a recipe, receive the truck, organize orders, meet you for pickup and clean the shop once the day is done *and pay them only from the weekly profit of the truck order*, that person would make less than $1 an hour. (That person is me—but I have a $32 water bill to pay each month!! that’s write, the profit won’t even pay an electric bill or phone bill or the gas bill). Therefore, it is up to you to spread the word and increase demand in the area for this box program. Any week that we do not have 30 boxes paid for on the Friday before, we will cancel the order for the coming week and move the truck delivery out a week. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE FOR MEETING MINIMUM ORDER. We will know by 5pm Friday if we will be placing an order for the coming week and you can check if orders will be fulfilled by visiting www.gratefulplains.com/menu and seeing how many boxes are left to order for securing an order that week. To pay in advance, please mail your check to us so that we receive it a full week in advance of expected truck delivery. Mail to: PO Box 283 Grand Ridge IL 61325. Holly is also at the shop Monday and Tuesdays during the day or can arrange any time that is convenient to drop off a check/cash. Call 815-249-5134  PRE-ORDERS for February 13th delivery must be paid for by FEBRUARY 6th. 


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