Transit Transformation

So what happens when a community truly supports the Local Food Movement?

Progress, that’s what. And an affordable, healthy shift toward empowering people to eat fresh food.

When a fellow life coach sent me this link, his message was, “Here is what I see possible for you.” For the past two months, I have been going into debt for the first time since opening Grateful Plains. It is a struggle to navigate pleasing just a few of the order commitments from more than 100 direct connections through our newsletter. Disappointment lingers when I am doing all I can and wondering what else I can do to keep this program alive and creating abundance and health.

So, let me remind each of you that sometimes our inspiration to keep on moving on comes from outside energy that is holding your vision high. Tim can see my vision for health, my vision for community, my ability to lead and execute, my hope for real change that keeps me rooted in Grand Ridge instead of taking the paved path to the Great Northwest or Canada.

So, for now, I am going to push through this lull and pray for an angel (or 20) to co-create this dream with me week to week and trust that the big picture is well worth the personal sacrifices along the way. I am only one of several small growers, retailers, educators, practitioners in our community who believe in holistic health. And it is up to you, our customers, to prove the demand for affordable, accessible preventative health self-care.

Because what I see possible is creating a mobile bus just like this to travel through our food desert delivering healthy options for the entire community. Check out this out:

Bus Converted into Mobile Food Market to Bring Healthy Produce to Neighborhoods in Toronto

Mobile Good Food Market bus launch

As you enjoy reading this article about what is happening elsewhere, would you please send out an intention for our fledgling cooperative that Grateful Plains will soon be thriving like so many neighboring (and far away!!) communities ~

Thanks to each of you for spreading the word about what we are up to! Sharing where we are and what we do is as important as making a purchase!! Are you wondering how you can help keep the garden gate open??

CLICK HERE to show your support of Grateful Plains Co-op

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