Buying Club Power

One benefit of a cooperative is buying club power!


Did you know you can become a member of the Nettle Creek Buying Club absolutely free? NCBC is a group of us who place an order each month with United Natural Foods in order to get bulk food at lower prices. While much of the organic selection is about the same price as buying it in our area, when items go on sale or if you are looking for items that are not available in our area, the buying club is a great option.

There is no obligation to join NCBC and you do not have to order every month. Simply sign up, get a user name and online access from Kyle (organizer) and you will receive monthly emails with special pricing along with full access to shopping when it is convenient for you anytime during the month.

It even works for a small family! What I love most about the buying club is that we can see ‘splits’, or items that come in a large case that another member wants to split and only buy a few of instead of the full case. It is perfect for a small family like mine who only need one bottle of ketchup or a few bags of frozen peas instead of the whole case. It also allows me to get peas and corn instead of having to choose just one budget wise.

Monthly sales are offered especially for the group, too! For example, in the month of December, Westbrae Organic beans are on club special. For regular buyers, they are $25.67 for 12 cans of beans. For NCBC, they are $17.97, or $1.50 a can. Now as I start thinking about winter soup and big pots of chili to get me through the winter, I am pretty sure this is a smart thing to stock up on. However, I’d rather have a few cans each of Kidney, Great Northern, Lentil and Garbanzo varieties. So, all I have to do is log in and place an order along with a request to split the case and let everybody else in the club know that I am looking for other people to buy the rest of the case so that I can spend my $20 on several types instead of just one type of beans.

We are glad to share pickup/delivery. The buying club is an affordable way to shop organic from the comfort of home! You only pay if you place an order (amount of your order, plus split the delivery/shipping between the number of people who pickup that month–runs between $6 and $8 on my orders). Pickup is near Seneca and we will gladly pickup your orders if you send money along with us to pay the driver, then you can get your orders the following Friday during produce pickup at Grateful Plains or we can drop it to your home/office on the way home.

This is just one example of how a cooperative differs from a retail store. Utilizing this direct to consumer approach, members can buy exactly what they need when they need it without being charged a markup to cover stocking items, placing/managing ordering and pay the bills of a retail store.

So, whether you want to split a case of soup beans with me or just take a look and see what food/pantry/personal care items are available from UNFI,  fill out this form and I will put you in touch with Kyle to become a member. She is very good about getting you access right away!

Our next order will be committed on Wed. Dec. 17, so it is good if orders are completed no later than Tuesday, Dec 16th. The delivery day is Dec. 22

Just one of MANY SPECIALS this month!

Grateful Plains buying club

Ingredients: Water, organic beans (great northern, red), organic barley, organic lentils, sea salt.

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