Why Shop Local?

So often we shop where it is convenient or where we can get a better price without considering the benefits of shopping at smaller mom and pop shops. To keep this Cooperative open, we rely solely on local sales and (in-kind/referral) support from our neighbors and friends:

#1 Profits from small businesses get put back into our community. Raising our kids, Supporting our civic organizations, Paying taxes for public programming/buildings/referendums, Spending our hard earned  money on products and services you make or refer as trusted local providers who are earning their living by running their own business.

#2 If we don’t  make ends meet, we have no other stores to keep us afloat. We count on consistent sales to keep the doors open. We do not have other more popular stores in busier areas to pull money from or to provide a blanket marketing campaign. If we are not making sales each week, there is only so much we can do to go into debt ‘hoping’ for the local demand of what we are passionate about providing. Feeding our kids, Putting gas in the car, Regular dental and doctor checkups all depend on actually making a paycheck. Actually making a paycheck depends on creating sales beyond covering storefront rent, liability insurance, business licenses and cost of buying goods to sell. Your weekly purchase matters. And every box order counts.

#2 You Matter to Us! When small businesses provide a service, we do it with passion and custom care. We personalize your experience, take time to cultivate the best quality product and provide personalized service week after week. You are the boss. You determine our success.


Celebrate Small Business Saturday without ever leaving your home! SHOP ONLINE and place a Produce Box Program order on Saturday November 29, 2014 and get 15% OFF your order (excludes CSA gift card purchases–but will be applied to BOX PROGRAM gift cards)



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