CSA Cost Breakdown

Are you wondering how you can get your BIG Box for less than $35 a week?? Or a share equal to the BITTY BOX of veggies all summer long for only $330 total?

Check out our handy cost comparison to see how becoming a Grateful Plains CSA Member May through September saves you money!!

VIEW 2015 CSA Cost Breakdown

Grateful Plains CSA

3 responses to “CSA Cost Breakdown

  1. Hello! How can I sign up to be an inaugural CSA member? And who do I make checks out to for the produce box? I put in an order but this is my first time doing so.

    • Hi Katrina! Checks are made payable to Grateful Plains and can be mailed or dropped off to us on Fridays during produce pickup. I will email you the 2014 Member Guidelines and the last page is a form to fill out and return with your payment. If you have any questions, ask away! Thank you for joining our CSA!

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