Gift Giving Gratitude!

As many of you realize, the winter months are a time when we are busy planning the crops for next season, ordering seeds and equipment, getting the greenhouse set up and gearing up to start seeds in February under the lights.

Our shift to establishing a Cooperative means I rely on your support to gain awareness and participation in programs and products available through Grateful Plains.

The greatest nod of support you can offer me this Holiday Season is passing on a gift card from Grateful Plains to someone you know:
Perhaps a $35 FARM CSA Basket pickup (Half share portion/one-time pickup of produce from the farm next growing season)
Or a $50 BIG Box for the office on DEC 19th for our Holiday Secret Santa suggestion
or even a Membership to our 2015 CSA Program if you really love someone who is so darned hard to shop for!

All certificates are rolled into a hand made carrot ornament for your tree and are transferable and good for one full year.

Please also consider Kids Eco Camp Certificate, an opportunity for youngsters you know to come out to the farm for a week and discover dirt, veggies, native plants, insects and their personal impact on preserving our local food production model.
ECO-CAMP is $60 for one week in July or August, or $100 for both months.

Contact me directly to request your gift card

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