Be our HeartBEET!!

As we take time to evaluate our lessons learned in the past year since forming Grateful Plains, there are a few key factors I want to share with you, our lifeline:

#1–We would not be here without you. Our agreement as business partners when we started this company, since it was  a ‘second job’ for each of us, was that we would only be in business if the demand was high and consistent without a need to pour in personal funds to keep the company afloat. In the past year, we have relied on regular patronage, volunteer manhours, pro bono professional insight and a ton of enthusiasm to keep the doors open. Thank you to everyone who contributed in ALLways to keep our dream alive!

#2–Dreaming the dream is a bit gnarly at times and it takes a solid ‘WHY’ to keep clear and focused during the hurdles. So far, we’ve cleared the obstacles but like many other small businesses, Grateful Plains is struggling to gain momentum. As I watched the extent of drama with our area Majestic Theater being boarded up, I wondered to myself, “What if just ten people had bought just one more ticket each week?”  Just like in my healing arts business, I believe in preventative health. The health of our long-term growth and overall success depends on what you do right now. And how you participate consistently. Please vote for the success of Grateful Plains Organics by making a purchase in the next few weeks of a gift certificate (good for one year) for any or several of the following:

  • 2015 CSA Farm Share
  • 2015 Eco Camp for Kids $60 Dates to be determined JUNE, JULY , AUG 2015
  • Produce Box Gift Certificate ($20-$50)
  • Enroll your school or organization in Produce Box ‘Food for Funds’ and get $3 per box ordered during your fundraiser

Thank you in advance for caring enough to keep the cooperative working toward fine tuning all the gears it takes to keep the cogs turning. Please mail your check or money order to Grateful Plains PO BOX 283, Grand Ridge IL 61325 or phone me directly at 312-810-7673 with questions

I am truly GRATEFUL!47-heartBEET

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