CSA Season concludes

What an incredible experience to be your growers this year!

Samantha and I have had incredible lessons learned while providing you with fresh, organically raised produce for the 2014 growing season.

While we had hoped to extend the season by installing a hoop house mid summer, market sales and produce box demand did not allow for the added expense.babychardweb

With mother nature kicking in her nights of frost and chilly wet mornings, Wednesday OCT 15th will be our last pickup of the season for local members and THURS OCT 23rd for Lake Geneva bi-weekly members. We hope that tomatoes by the bushel, added juicing carrots and onions from our Goodness Greeness orders and doubling portions throughout the season makes up for shortening the season slightly.

NOTE: We will offer our local members a ‘final pickup’ when we plant garlic the first week of November as a last batch of green onions, some cilantro and perhaps peas and spinach will be ready then if the frost doesn’t take them sooner! We will send out an email with an update around OCT 31st.

In the meantime, please do two things for us

#1. FILL OUT AN EVALUATION to communicate to us your personal experience of the 2014 Grateful Plains CSA

#2 SIGN UP FOR NEXT SEASON by visiting our JOIN 2015 CSA page!!


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