Why buy Farm Fresh Eggs?

Eggs are one of the items that is at the top of my list for buying organic. And, whenever possible, farm fresh. Have you ever done a side by side comparison of the color of an egg yolk bought in the store compared to a hen’s egg from the local organically raised farmer? Chances are your eyes alone will convince you of the quality.


Truth is, all eggs are not created equal. Mass produced eggs are laid by hens often fed antibiotics as frequently as chicken feed. And who knows what is in the chicken feed.

But when you buy from a trusted organically certified farm, such as Meadow Haven farm in Sheffield IL, you are promised that the chickens are being fed organic grains, grazing on the farm and picking eggs that are superior in quality to store bought eggs.

And remember, even though a ‘sell by’ date is required on packages, farm fresh eggs are picked and sold with a week of being laid, so keep in mind that these eggs are good up to a month past the date on the carton. In my fridge, eggs have been in excellent condition a full 6 weeks past purchasing (yes, I buy dozens at a time!!)

Here is a website that describes the simple ‘float test’ I use when pulling eggs from the fridge. CLICK HERE to see how to drop an egg in a cup of water and know its quality.

We sometimes have farmers at our market stand selling their eggs, if we do expect them to be on hand for the next delivery, you can preorder here! NOTE: IF the item is ‘out of stock’, let us know you want some for next time and we’ll be sure to reserve additional for the next market!

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