Focus on Preventative Health

As many of you who’ve been with us since day one realize, we have just passed our six month mark in business as Grateful Plains Organics. We’ve been very busy getting feedback from many of you along the way to gain some valuable insight on ‘What’s next’.


Here are a few shopping highlights we believe to be true regarding our weekly box program:

People want to order, but they don’t. No matter how simple we make it, more than 90% of our customer base is distracted by busy lifestyles or convenience of conventional grocery stores when it comes to creating the habit of buying organic food for their families.

People come to us to connect. Most of our customers who pick up fruit and veggies are actually seeking more information: a new recipe, benefits of detoxing, personal connection with someone who’s ‘been there’. People come to us for education. To experience community. To find calm and joy. People stop by to connect.

People who do order regularly are committed to our success! The handful of you who continue to place your order with us regularly have kept us clear on an urgent demand to provide organics in our area. Our goal is to continue to access produce from a variety of suppliers–local growers, experienced qualified distributors of organic food who meet our quality assurance of buying from certified organic farmers, and US!!

With those points mentioned, it is our decision to focus on what we do best: EDUCATE 

Our vision is to operate a retail cooperative one day, complete with all the bulk grains, loose tea, freshly butchered quality meats, fresh organic produce and all the other needs of a group of people committed to our vision.

Is that you?? If so, then help us grow.

Help us grow by supporting our vision to educate our rural community on the importance of preventative health. Not only through organic food, but through peace of mind  (meditation, yoga, personal empowerment), healing arts (art playshops, healing stone therapy, culinary arts) and nature (farming, garden playshops,  Kids Eco Camp, garden therapy meetups)

Getting food on your table is important to us, but the struggle of the retail model of produce (minimum orders, buying bulk when we only need a few, licensing/taxes, etc) is distracting us from our main focus: growing our own food and teaching people what we’ve learned along the way so they can incorporate the skills and know-how into their lives.

Our focus over the next few months is to keep these integral efforts at the forefront. Whether you participate personally, or sponsor someone else to attend, our lifeline is not in buying groceries, but in teaching lessons in how to thrive as our community transitions toward conscious living. Our goal is to give you an opportunity to BE THE CHANGE and truly know that the money you spend with us is doing much more than buying food.

In the next few weeks, you’ll see some changes in our shopping cart. What you’ll be shopping for is education and services. You will purchase workshops, lessons, event tickets that will make it possible to provide personal service for transitioning to preventative health. With each purchase  you make, you earn points to spend on incentives, such as fresh produce. If you’re only interested in access to organic food, you will have the option to ‘gift’ your purchase to local families and youth who wish to attend our events who could not otherwise afford to attend on their own.

This is our way of truly co-operating. Letting you know that each dollar you spend with us creates much more than a meal on your table. This is how we create a movement. A movement toward community-driven preventative health.

We are constantly shifting to create possibility of keeping afloat and our hope is that this approach better serves our overall vision for growing into:

Grateful Plains Cooperative.

Thank you for your interest and participation. It is essential to our success~


2 responses to “Focus on Preventative Health

  1. Hello…Holly, Sam and Joel!
    Wonderful to read about updates and I agree wholeheartedly about the education aspect…I’ll do my part to spread the word.
    If I am unable to place order with you, it’s because of lack of $
    Because I’m not working, we are tight with budget….I will not be ordering this week. Sorry.
    I am unclear on produce pickups for those who have paid in full…I know the date for that was pushed back 3 weeks. Forgive my ignorance…I may gift education for my friend, and how do I do that?

  2. First pickup is Wednesday JUNE 11th.

    To gift education for your friend, pay for a playshop in advance. Summer Schedule of Events will be out June 15th or so! Or schedule a private session (cooking, farm tour, muscle testing with food, what’s in your pantry) Lots to choose from!!

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