Ramping Up for Seasonal Foods

We are so excited to have our first local items on the menu this coming week! One of the neat aspects of CSA learning the quick seasons of local food. CSA Members always get first dibs on seasonal items that are in short supply, but in this case, we can get plenty!!

This week you’ll get a bite of what is usually a February or March specialty in our area, but with this long, cold winter are ready for harvest this week.

Have you ever experienced ramps?? Ramps are sometimes referred to as wild leeks and I got my first batch of them when our long standing customers, Janice and Brian Schultz pulled up at the farm last night to share in the delight of this quick season rarity.

Now, I happen to LOVE garlic and prefer to add fresh herbs for seasoning to just about any dish I create. So, for me, this is quite a blast to see this wild leek that looks like a lily of the valley, but with a root like a robust scallion.

Ramps are considered a rare delicacy from the Appalachians all the way to Canada because of their short season and their distinct flavor that is suited to simply sauteeing a batch up as a side dish. Many people forage for wild leeks and trendy restaurant chefs are quick to get the buzz on where to procure them for an exquisite seasonal local menu.

Here’s a great site that talks more about ramps. We hope you enjoy them on the menu next week! We are also getting spinach and chives out of our garden along with a  handful of baby greens~ Welcome Spring!!


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