CSA farm effort underway

This has been an exciting week on the farm, getting the new plots tilled, receiving a semi load of organic compost and hardening off seedlings to get them ready for their permanent home in the fields.

Thank you soooo much to Tasha and Karla (CSA Members) and our amazing neighbors, Toots, Cody & Dave (Heart D Ranch and KD Creek Beef), Elmer (Prairiedale Farms) and our incredible friends and family who are coming to the call as we reach out for support in transforming our 5 acres into the CSA farm.

What  an incredible lesson in the power of asking for help and celebrating the connection between land and family and friends who have made an overwhelming backlist of chores with this lingering cold season seem miraculously effortless in the big scope.

Joel and Samantha had their first lesson in tilling  and I’ve been busy giving gratitude for the coming together of a vision I’ve had for several years now of operating a family farm.

Weekly, we will post days/hours/shifts where we would be grateful for help on the farm as we get going. You can visit this link to see updated volunteer project anytime and , of course, we will gladly have help one on one if you have a time that better suits your schedule and you’re aching to get your hands in the dirt!


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