Growing Sacred Succulents

It is so interesting to see how succulents grow. They can be so different than growing food. Some grow very slowly while others grow quick. Some I’ve noticed don’t grow at all then all of a sudden they are thriving! Growing succulents can be so rewarding and beautiful.  Many succulents love to be exposed to full sun but however this is not necessary. It can be easy to grow and tend to indoors in a naturally lit room,  windowsills, porches, outdoor beds or greenhouse.  Many succulents have evolved in extremes and are quite eager to keep evolving in new habitats. The majority of succulent plants are very easy to grow. They do best in a porous, well drained potting media. I like to use stones, or sandy soil on top of an organic compost soil. Watering should be thorough and regular during warm weather. Make sure to completely drench the soil when watering, and let it approach dryness before watering again (this is usually every 3-5 days during Summer).  make sure to avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time, the sun can roast the plants and kill them.

We will be growing succulents this season and having clones for sale throughout the summer so you can start your very own succulent gardens, indoors or outdoors!


photo (14)

Our 4 year old Jade tree happily grown indoors during cold seasons and outdoors in shaded area during spring and summer.

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