Working with Stones

I was first drawn to Amethyst when I began seeing purple iridescence regularly when I closed my eyes in prayer. It was a time when I was going through such uncertainty in my life that I couldn’t make sense of much logically, but I knew when I closed my eyes in prayer, I was surrounded by this peaceful presence.

Within a few days, I was wandering through an apothecary  in Chicago and a hunk of lavender stone called to me. I bought it and carried it with me everywhere reminding me to pray often and trust in peace & light.

You see, even before recognizing earth energy and trusting intuition, I was called to work with healing stones. I am blessed and honored to be creating daily with Samantha Rose  of Self and Spirit  who teaches me so much about working with stones.

If you are curious what healing stones can do for you or you want to see what gems Sam brings back from the gem show next week, call us!

So much to share~



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