Spring Supply Wishlist

Thank you to everyone who has donated cash to our small farm launch in lieu of committing to a full CSA membership.

It is humbling to realize that we have support from our dedicated circle of friends, neighbors and the public at large who share our vision for a community based cooperative even when our particular offerings may not suit your specific needs.

We are looking for a few more gently used items:

  • A good digging shovel!!
  • Long Heavy Duty Garden hose
  • pitchfork
  • traditional metal wide-forked rake
  • shovel(s)
  • sledge hammer
  • milk crates/baskets/totes for harvest daystools
  • small toolshed
  • garden cart or large wagon
  • heavy duty wheelbarrow
  • (3) heavy duty 50′ garden hose
  • floating row cover material
  • garden stakes/heavy duty twine

If you have these items laying around we will gladly accept your donated items! We do have a connection to buy equipment and supplies wholesale, so if you prefer to donate cash, please let us know it is to go toward our 2014 supply needs to get this farm working!







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