Celebrating our sMILESTONE!

Saturday afternoon we grinned from ear to ear realizing we have delivered close to 1,000 boxes to the Illinois Valley area since October of 2013. More than 80 local families are participating in the Grateful Plains Cooperative in one way or another. We are so proud of the development of our local food connections between growers, consumers and local socially conscious business owners who support our progress in our local organic food movement.

Of course, our greatest vibration of gratitude is from our heart to each of you who creates our business week to week. Each of you matter, whether we see you weekly, monthly or simply know you support another area business creating supply and demand for clean, safe food in our region of the Midwest.

Our continued growth depends upon you sharing your experience and letting us know what is working and what you’d like to see transform at our little shop. Please connect with us on Facebook and participate in our garden planning poll to assist in our immediate planning of the farm(s) for the 2014 growing season. If you haven’t already, please also check out our CSA Membership option for the summer season. We will still order boxes if necessary, but prefer to grow for you from our own garden!! We can’t offer any deep discounts on weekly boxes upfront, but your purchase of ten boxes between now and May 1st will be rewarded in a supplemental basket from our ‘Spring Share’ of crops if available in early May, should all planning go as designed. Sign up when you pickup your next basket to get a ten punch card started!

Another great milestone is our first FULL SHARE CSA Member for 2014, Gino & Lorna, who also happen to be Grand Ridge residents. How monumental to be serving our immediate community and truly delivering on our vision to supply food to locals!!



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