Building a CSA

We are excited to announce our growing effort for 2014 integrates a shift toward small farm intensive growing of non-GMO, non chemically treated produce. We call this ‘Organically Grown’ since the measures to become certified organic are timely (up to five years) and sometimes cost prohibitive with the cost of licensing and registration, etc. So what you can count on from us is produce grown to the standards of organic produce including starting from non-GMO seeds in our greenhouses.

What does our shift to small farm intensive growing mean for you??

Well, ultimately it means cost savings.  Holly and Samantha will be managing the fruit and produce at getLIT Gardens (5 acres just outside of Grand Ridge) and at Dirt and Duty Community Market garden (along the tracks in the village) to assure a wide selection of produce is available early in the season and extends well into the Fall. By growing our own food locally and buying overages from other area CSA programs, we eliminate the procurement and packaging costs associated with buying from a distributor.

We are joining efforts and taking the next step toward our ultimate dream of being small growers. Our shift to CSA growing stems from our passion to inspire small growers in the Midwest. Our decision to ‘grow for you’ comes from the monumental support we have had as we supply produce boxes to our ‘food desert’ area. This seems to be the most cost effective approach to decreasing our prices and increasing our outreach.

Yes, there may be other retail outlets that can plug into the retail system, but our ultimate goal is to secure reliable local resources for food safety and food security by being the people who actually grow your food!

So how do you capitalize on our shift to Community Supported Agriculture??? Through a CSA Membership, that’s how!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and allows small growers the assurance of buyers prior to planting their fields. It thereby assures buyers the confidence of trusted organically raised produce availability fresh off the farm throughout the growing season.  In our case, we are c0-planning crops and staggering successive planting so that we can feed our local families over the course of 22 weeks, providing up to 20 lbs of groceries June through October 2014.

We will still plug into our reliable distributor’s box program for those of you who shop intermittently or who grow your own garden and may just want a box here and there. So the enhanced box program will remain a weekly source of organic produce all year long. We are thrilled that Goodness Greeness offers a ‘local box’ during our growing season, so we continue to support small growers within 500 miles of Chicago by tapping into their box system.

However, our long-term goal is to develop a local group of co-operating growers, farmers and ranchers passionate about shifting to an organic lifestyle. This 2014 CSA Membership shift is our first step toward that milestone.

Stay tuned for our extended network updates as our planning progresses. For now, we offer a membership on a first signed up, first honored basis and will close membership when our fields are full of your food!!

Grateful Plains CSA Membership 2014

In the meantime, if you would like to enroll as a CSA Member, please make a deposit by March 15th. Please pay the balance due by May 31st. oComplete details will be emailed to you when you send us an inquiry via our CSA Membership Enrollment Page. A 20% discount on CSA Membership is extended to Military, Civil Servants, and volunteers contributing 2 hours a week to CSA activities (garden, marketing, produce delivery, education forums).

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