2015 CSA Membership

To become a member of the Grateful Plains CSA, simply choose the share size that best suits your produce needs:

The season is 22 weeks May/June to Sept/Oct –start date TBD March 2015
Lake Geneva SHARE  $640  (full share, bi-weekly)
FULL  SHARE approximately 1/2 bushel weekly
HALF SHARE approx. 1/4 bushel weekly
$560 –or– 1/2 bushel every other week
INDIVIDUAL SHARE approx. 1/8 bushel weekly
$330 –or– 1/4 bushel every other week

Grateful Plains CSA Membership Here is a list of typical Midwest VEGGIES :

Arugula Gooseberries Beets
Spinach Tomatillos Beans
Radish Artichoke Lettuce
Watercress Romanesco Amaranth
Sweet Corn Eggplant Quinoa
Tomatoes Broccoli Orach
Carrots Brussel Sprouts Purslane
Daikon Bok Choy Cauliflower
Potatoes Garlic Zucchini
Squash Ginger Pumpkin
Flowers Chives Peppers
Honey Onions Chard
Cucumber Leeks Asparagus
Microgreens Melons Artichoke
Kale Popcorn Cabbage
Herbs Parsnip Celery


CSA shares will be made available on a first come, first serve basis when deposit is received and 2015 membership shares will be closed when we reach capacity.

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