Main Street USA Happenings

Many of you are asking what we know about the store going into the former location of a former business that was on main street in Ottawa.

What we know is that we are excited that more business owners are diving into organics and boosting the movement. What we also know is that the Goodness Greeness Box program is hands down the most affordable way for business owners to deliver organic fruit and produce.

So, it is likely there will be direct competition that we welcome knowing that our ultimate goal is that thousands of people take on their health and transition to living a holistic lifestyle. What better way to spread our world vision than to encourage more entrepreneurs to take the risk of building organic businesses? Maybe we will have a cafe soon and a delicatessen focused on gluten-free and vegan culinary fare!

What we also know is that our vision is quite different from that of a traditional brick and mortar grocery store.  Our goal is to avoid the overhead of excessive waste and inventory and pass on the savings to you. Our choice to build a cooperative and keep our members involved by having a share in a business that sustains itself nominally stems from a vision of keeping organics affordable and readily available by teaming up with local growers and artisans who share our vision.

So, please keep our success on your mind as you shop each week. Hopefully, the care and connection you experience at Grateful Plains wins your vote to purchase your weekly box with us. And remember, Joel’s contribution to our success is offering delivery on his time, his vehicle, his gas money to bring FREE HOME DELIVERY on Fridays to your doorstep. Along with a few other shifts for our growth.

We are grateful for each of you and enthusiastic for our upcoming growing season! Thank you for your continued support!!


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