Evolving with the Shift of 2014~

We are so blessed to be in a community that is embracing the value of organics. And we consider ourselves equally blessed to be living a lifestyle that supports the information, connection and first hand experience to go along with picking up your produce each week. We realize that you have choices of where to shop for your family and we thank you for your loyalty and continued encouragement as we strive to grow our business community wide. Thank you for voting for our success by spending your hard earned cash with us regularly. As competitors continue to pop up in our area, we continue to design a place of business that stands out from all the rest.

What we offer at Grateful Plains Organics goes way beyond picking up a box of food each week. What we are building is a network of people and organizations passionate about living healthy and sharing the benefits of optimal whole body health with our entire community.


FREE HOME DELIVERY: Beginning January 31st, there is no charge for home/office delivery within the city limits of Marseilles, Ottawa, and Streator. For those of you who are busy or unavailable during the day to receive a delivery, we also have FREE PICKUP locations

BUYING CLUB PRICING: Since October, we have been consistently ordering bulk items for each of you and put in an order of about $200 each month. Today, Grateful Plains will officially join the Nettle Creek Buying Club, organized for pickup in Seneca. What this means is that you will have total control over your order panel and you will see pricing, availability, and sale items direct to your inbox when you get on the list to join the buying club. There is no fee to order, but the $35 delivery fee is split by whoever picks up *been about $5 for us each order* This is a better option for us because then when you want an item that comes in a case of six or twelve, you have the option of ‘splitting the case’ with other members who can opt to buy the rest of the case and have it all sorted and invoiced to each individual. By us joining the club as individuals, it eliminates our backend work of getting items to you and passes on the savings direct to your pocketbook. Please let us know if you would like us to add your email to the buying club blasts. Our vision is that another ten people will sign up in the next month and we can alternate responsibility of picking up the order each month.

COOPERATIVE MEMBERSHIP: We are working on the details of designing an element of membership to our business. Why? Because our vision is to operate a general store that provides all things holistic at wholesale pricing in cooperation with each other as a community. To be a source for sharing our lives, talents and concerns in order to empower personal growth and community development. We will always keep our simple box program available to those who drop in to check out the market stand. Cooperative benefits will be free admission to workshops, discount pricing on the box program, coupons and discounts on area events that we negotiate as a group and much more in the works as details come pouring in. If you are interested in a position on the board or are willing to contribute your perspective as a potential member, please contact us immediately so that we can include you in our ongoing discussions. Our goal is to have all decisions made and membership roll out by March 1st.



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