Food Safety Modernization Act

I have spoken to many of you individually about my concern as a local grower with the proposed Food Safety Modernization Act, an effort in the works to have our  gardens  and small farm regulated (in some cases) as stringently as large dairy farms and commercial growers. You’ve asked for more details, so here you go.

While much of the bill is (purposely) carefully worded jargon that I cannot completely follow, I have had some insight since the inception of this bill that points to ‘no real reward’ for small growers. And, in fact, a possible sudden halt to movement in local food production.

Food Modernization Safety Act

Please get involved by  getting educated on what is happening behind the scenes.  So take action by signing petitions and sharing informative videos from the link below and other sources you find in favor of your opinion regarding FSMA and similar bills trying to regulate our food production on a small scale. Be vocal and let people who care know how to get involved so that we, right now, make the difference for how the future unfolds in regards to our local food supply.

Here is a starting link to what is going on from a trusted and well-produced source Farm-to-Consumer to get you started in campaigning~

Thank you for being your voice.

It Matters.


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