Crystal Healing Workshop


CRYSTAL HEALING WORKSHOP POSTPONED DUE TO POWER OUTAGE~ this weather has caused  power outage in Grand Ridge and surrounding areas. We have to postpone workshop until NEXT THURSDAY. JAN 30th SAME TIME.  Thank you and we hope everyone stays warm during this arctic freeze!

It is so fascinating to learn and experience the healing energies crystals have on the body and soul.  Crystals can work with the bodies energy fields and clear any blockages that may lead to stress or disease.  We want to  train you in the use of crystals and minerals for healing, growth, and transformation. Come on by Grateful Plains to explore crystals and learn more about how they can uplift your spirit~

Healing Crystal Workshop

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014       3pm-5pm OPEN HOUSE come anytime!

Discussions will be about:

Wearing crystal jewelry

Crystals in meditation

How to cleanse your crystals

come pick from a bag of stones~ and learn how it can benefit you!

2 responses to “Crystal Healing Workshop

  1. My fifteenth anniversary is coming up, and I found out glass/crystal is the proper gift. I try to do something every year staying true to the anniversary gift guide. (corny, I know)I would love to come down and look around…do you have crystals for sale Holly? Also I want to start buying boxes from you…what do I do to get started? Is there a list you can add me to , $$$$?

    • Hi Karla,
      Added you to our weekly email list so you will get our newsletter or you can always just go to the shopping cart “PLACE ORDER” from this site. Very exciting for your fifteenth anniversary! We most certainly sell crystals and Samantha can order plenty, too. Looking forward to connecting, hopefully this Friday! ~holly

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