Enhanced Box Program

WOW!! We got a great surprise this week~ Goodness Greeness has officially launched their enhanced BOX PROGRAM!!

Goodness Greeness Box Grateful PlainsGrateful Plains Organics

We are as surprised as each of you by these changes since our new (and VERY SMALL!) account fell through the cracks a bit in regards to apprising us of the shift in their certified organic produce box program. The hard reality is that the FDA is making it very expensive and adding laws and certifications to each and every person who handles foods; not only at the distribution center, but even in the restaurant industry like requiring every waitress, server and hostess to hold a certification for food handling.

The great news is that because Goodness Greeness has a great market share in the Midwest, they can absorb the majority of the cost increase. We are thrilled they are still able to offer the box program below the average organic produce price of $6.98/lb* in our region.

So! I guess we get to be grateful that we’ve been getting fresh produce at $1.60 – $2.50 a pound for the past few months and cash in on continued discounts by promoting our box program as an affordable way to transition to organic foods!!

Our three favorite enhancements of this new program:

  • Smaller box available— the ‘Bitty Box’, as we are affectionately naming this selection is only 5lbs
  • Premium Items— box items will now include premium items such as berries and orange juice
  • Bulk Cost Savings— the ‘BIG’ Box added two pounds, but is still only $2.50/lb!

PLUS!! You now can select FRUIT ONLY, VEGGIE ONLY or COMBO box in all three sizes, offering 9 box choices each week.

PRICING (includes 1%IL food tax, add $5 for local home or office delivery)

The Bitty Box $20 (5 lbs)

The Box $35 (10 lbs)

The BIG Box $50 (20 lbs)

Please be sure to place your orders online so we know exactly what you want available when you pickup on Friday. This shift makes it much more complex to order extra boxes, so help us out by ordering your boxes by Wednesday each week.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, we are sooooo grateful for the diversity and premium offerings this program shift offers that we have been unable to afford to buy as extras in separate cases.

Please help us out by giving us your feedback each week so we can report back to program directors and keep the enhancements favoring your requests.

*prices compared costs of the following organic produce from Ottawa, Streator, Peru, Napervillle, Chicago, Joliet areas: Kale, Romaine, Green Leaf Lettuce, Spring Mix, Russet Potatoes, Blueberries, Green and Red bell peppers, spinach, strawberries, Celery, Red Delicious, Gala and Fuji Apples.

For those

With these changes, you will notice new items in the box like berries, avocados, even Orange Juice!

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