January is National Random Acts of Kindness Month~

Participate with us in a 30 day challenge to be aware of how your energy influences the people around you. Family, friends, even perfect strangers are influenced by each wave of thought, energy, emotion we carry with us. Be conscious of shifting our attention outward by giving of yourself in little ways that can change how another person experiences the world.

Share your acts with us all month long by leaving a comment below! Each time you share, you inspire another person to be outward focused, too!

You’ll be surprised what little things mean so much to a perfect stranger. And remember, it’s not up to you how they take it, you’re only responsible for your intention to ‘Give Randomly with Kindness’.

Have Fun!aesop

One response to “BE KIND!!

  1. I shared organic vegetables from grateful plains with several friends…shoveled neighbors driveway…I don’t think we’re supposed to boast of our good works so keep this on the down low

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