Box Program Quality Assurance

Please assist us with feedback to our vendor, Goodness Greeness, by communicating to us whenever possible within 24 hours via email or phone if you have any issue with your box. As you realize, because the boxes are pre-packaged, we choose to keep the straps intact and inspect only a few random boxes at pickup.

SUBSTITUTES:: Keep in mind that last minute substitutions are a natural occurrence of delivering fresh produce. If you think you are missing an item, please count the number of items in your box. Often, the labels are printed before the packers are able to indicate a substitution because of availability or quality issues at the warehouse. For example, if you don’t see an item in your box, take notice of what you do see that is not listed on the box label. An easy way is to count the number of selections and make sure you are getting the Quantity promised when types vary last minute.

QUALITY:: Any time items do not meet your quality inspection, let us know right away and we will credit your next box or get a substitute to you immediately, your choice.

~when we are aware of the issues you are experiencing with your box, we can provide feedback to continue improving end user satisfaction of the box program~Grateful Plains Organics QA

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