Come to our Table

We are especially grateful for a magnificent Thanksgiving celebration last week as we embrace our wish to bring a community together and live in gratitude daily.

It meant a lot to us to see those of you who made it out on Friday and sat with us to enjoy our Meadowhaven Farm Organic Turkey stuffed with Goat Cheese Asiago stuffing (OH YES!! IF you missed it, I’m sure your mouth just watered!)

What is even cooler is that as we sat around that table with neighbors, family and friends it landed solidly when Toots said,”I feel like I’m at a little cafe” that we get to host a potluck each week.

Please join us any Friday night at 6pm for a potluck dinner at Grateful Plains. Whether one or twenty gather, it’s a very busy day for us from meeting the truck at 8am to being open for pickup til 8pm, so it is a perfect day to put a dish in the oven, break bread, cut some fruit for dessert and share our week’s gratitude in person.

Grateful Plains Potluck

Many thanks to each of you who  make it possible for us to live our dream.

Fridays just became our ‘Sunday Family Dinner’


One very exciting piece of loving what we do is wanting to share so much time with each of you.

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