a Co-operative Shift

Grateful Plains Organics is truly shifting to a cooperative.

What does this mean for you? It means that you will have an opportunity to become a member of our effort to deliver holistic health to our Community.

Grateful Plains Organics Grand Ridge IL

Grateful Plains Organics shifts to a food cooperative. Our little shop will look like an old-fashioned general store with lots of resources for cooperative buying, access to local organics and continuing education for all things holistic.

#1–BETTER PRICING ON BULK ITEMS. As a member, you will become part of a Buying Club and bulk orders will be purchased directly through Nettle Creek Buying Club for UNFI. By shifting to this model, we will be able to split cases of items and we all get to cooperate on pick-up and delivery. What many of you may not realize is that there is not much of a markup in the food industry. We do not wish to have the overhead and operational costs of managing orders and a ‘grocery store’. Instead, we are choosing to pass savings to you and use nominal profits to organize produce deliveries, create educational playshops and be your partner in facilitating the day to day management of a cooperative effort.

#2–GROUP EFFORT REWARDS. By designing a non-profit cooperative, we get to be a catalyst for empowering our members and community volunteers to truly take ownership of what we create. Community gardening, farm-to-table dinners, healing arts and community gatherings is where our passion flourishes. Our members will receive discounted items, take charge of teaching new members by sharing your personal experiences and help to create the big picture of what Grateful Plains Organics represents. If you are interested in being a board member, please shoot us an email at info@gratefulplains.com

#3–LEAVE A LEGACY. The main benefit is that the members of a cooperative society are working together for a common goal. Our greatest gift is to inspire a small group of people to make a huge difference in what our Community values. What we get to pass on for future generations is actually a return to taking personal responsibility for living healthy and celebrating life. How magnificent is it that we get to make a difference and enjoy all we create??

We will get through the Holidays, then offer  membership beginning in 2014. We will always have a handful of pantry items for sale at the shop and extra produce along with teas, herbs, essential oils and creative arts. Thank you for your continued support and inspiring us to build what you’ve asked for!

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