100% Grassfed Beef Pricing

Here is the list of what’s available to order for the 2013 WINTER SEASON grassfed beef.

Remember! We do not stock our freezer, so you cannot just walk in and get this later on, folks! Place your orders for exactly what you want (limited to a certain number of types of cuts per order granted on a first request, first granted basis WHEN DEPOSIT IS PAID by ordering date).

Grassfed Beef Steak from Grateful Plains Organics


Next order is Springtime!

Totally Grass-Fed Beef
Ground beef (1lb and 1 ½ lb pkgs) $7.00 per pound
5lb box of 1/3lb patties SOLD OUT
Rib Eye Steak 2 (10 0z) $38
T-bone Steak
2 (18oz.) $70
New York Strip 2 (10 0z) $38
Sirloin Steak 2 (10 oz) $25
Round Steak SOLD OUT
Flank Steak SOLD OUT
Skirt Steak SOLD OUT
Hanger Steak SOLD OUT
4 lb. Roasts $25
       Chuck, Arm, Rump, Sirloin Tip, Brisket
Stew Meat $ 7.00 per pound
Short Ribs $ 4.00 per pound
Soup Bones $ 4.00 per pound
Liver $ 5.00 per pound

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